Rolling Spoke

The art of perpetually rolling

The Rolling Spoke is a bicycle street photography blog based in Amsterdam.
The aim is to present an unbridled view of living with two wheels.

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November 12, 2017

Double Riding in Amsterdam by the numbers

Double riding or carrying a passenger (a.k.a. “dinking”) is a common, everyday method of bicycling in Amsterdam. (more…)
October 11, 2017

The Dutch Bicycle Collection Fair –
Fietsen Verzamelbeurs

This past weekend was the 12th exhibit of the Fietsen Verzamelbeurs. Held twice a year, dealers and hobbyists from across The Netherlands converged in the town of Berlicum to partake…
October 4, 2017

Let’s Explore Flickr

I recently had my 10th photograph selected to Flickr Explore. Here is why it's a big deal and why it doesn’t matter. (more…)
MusingsThe Bicycle
September 24, 2017

The Bad Boy Teaser

My nocturnal habits have gone by the wayside. Fortunately this makes it easier for me hop on my bike when daybreak reveals a morning haze. (more…)
August 16, 2017

Web of Bikes

I awoke this morning with a tap on the shoulder.  “There’s fog out.”  This was my cue to brew some coffee and grab my things. (more…)
Pedal Mode
July 27, 2017

Rear View Wheel vol.9

This street photography series captures life from one perspective. But like the month of July, the installment is multidimensional. (more…)
July 24, 2017

Wine, beer and bike

WijnSpijs (wine food) and its sister incarnation BierSpijs is a culinary tour that will lead a group of hungry people over a course of a Sunday afternoon. It’s a fun way to discover…
June 14, 2017

30 reasons to ride a bicycle in the city

There are plenty of reasons to ride a bicycle in the city. Among the most common are that it’s great way to get some exercise and it’s good for the…