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Pedal Mode | The Canvas Tote

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The canvas tote bag has been woven into the fabric of Amsterdam life. It has become a staple accessory among women who ride bikes. For good reason too, these simple and functional bags have many practical advantages.

Canvas is light weight, yet also durable and strong. The bags are easy to clean and if cared for properly, can last many years. The sling-over-shoulder convenience provides plenty of versatility. They can be used to carry practically anything and is only limited by your own imagination. When not in use, they can easily be folded and tucked away. Read More

The Plastic Bike

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The Plastic Bike

The Itera Plastic Bike | IJ-hallen Flea Market, Noord-Amsterdam

Every so often, an innovative idea is born ahead of its time.  I discovered one such notable example at the IJ-Hallen flea market in Amsterdam. The Swedish made Itera plastic bike, with the aim to modernize the bicycle using plastic materials.  But due to technical issues, the project ended in failure after three years.

Reminiscent of an era featuring Atari game consoles and audio cassettes, the Itera bike was first unveiled in 1981.  Backed by nationwide advertising, nearly 100,000 Swedes indicated that they were interested.  In February of 1982, production began but sales were slow.  The bikes were delivered unassembled with tools provided in the box. Read More