Pedal Mode | Dam Winds

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In the past few days, bicycles were scattered about the city. Wind gusts of up to 85km/h provided plenty of punch as Amsterdammers went about their day. With camera in hand, I found myself sucked into a howling wind tunnel in Dam Square.

I decided to stop and see how others were coping. Bracing the elements is nothing unusual for anyone who rides a bike in the city. For most, it was life as usual. Others would barrel down while a few looked as if they had enough. Read More


Pedal Mode | Bike Thieves

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Riding a bike while holding another. Everyday in Amsterdam there is someone performing this skillful feat with ease. But is there more than meets the eye?

I couldn’t help but be enamoured by this practical approach to retrieving and delivering bikes. Why waste time and money taking public transportation or a car? If one is capable, why not just ride along with the bike?

When I showed one of my photos to a longtime Amsterdam resident, he vehemently proclaimed “Fietsendief!” The translation to English is bicycle thief! Read More