White Shades

White Shades

Sunglasses are both fashionable and functional, often a necessity when riding a bike. Especially during the winter when the low sun and reflection from the snow can be blinding.  Cruising at higher speeds during low temperatures without shades can also cause tears to stream down your face.

I was a little surprised to see how few people wore them during the frosty months in Amsterdam.  Though the compact Lego block buildings in the city offered plenty of shade from the sun at dusk. The past season also featured no white-outs, total snow accumulation of zero.

Spring time is a different story altogether.  Shades are as common as wearing a sweater. White being the fashionable choice of colour.

Three’s a crowd

Three's a crowd

I’m surprised to see how common it is for people in Amsterdam to ride a bicycle while holding another.  Nearly everyday  there is someone who performing this little feat with ease.  Although this particular couple struggled at first, holding it from both sides until they decided it would be easier if just one of them held it.

I would guess the most likely reason would involve bringing it to or back from a repair shop.  From the look of that chain hanging, junior is in need of some fine tuning.

If you can breath, bike.