Tweed Run London

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Tweed Run in London is the most well-known group bicycle ride in the world. The annual event first began in 2009 with cyclists dressed in traditional British cycling attire. The success of the phenomenon has seen similar rides copied worldwide. This year I was in the UK capital, fortunate to have one of the limited tickets on hand. Read More


Pedal Mode | Bike Thieves

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Riding a bike while holding another. Everyday in Amsterdam there is someone performing this skillful feat with ease. But is there more than meets the eye?

I couldn’t help but be enamoured by this practical approach to retrieving and delivering bikes. Why waste time and money taking public transportation or a car? If one is capable, why not just ride along with the bike?

When I showed one of my photos to a longtime Amsterdam resident, he vehemently proclaimed “Fietsendief!” The translation to English is bicycle thief! Read More