Pilfer Eight

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Pilfer Eight“Do you like my bike?” the voice behind me asked.

I cringed, my finger locked above the camera button.  Just recently I heard this very question.  I was taking a photo of another bicycle, turned around to discover a stupefied glare from an open window. My mind goes back again to an article I read.  How someone can take a picture of a bike, jot down the spot and send it online to a bike thief in Amsterdam.  For a small fee, the bandit will do the heist. I shuttered to think I could be associated with such a cardinal sin.

“Um, yes…” I answered, straining to stand up from my squat. I look to find a girl with an inquisitive smile and agreeable eyes. I paused, scanning her pattern of facial piercings as I scrambled for something to say.

“Why do you have so many lights on your bike?” Read More