Ominous Fog

Pedal Mode | Fog Day

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This morning, an ominous fog rolled into Amsterdam. The city was devoured in obscurity the entire day. But what was concealed, only helps to reveal the minimalist grandeur of an urban metropolis.

How can one not appreciate such surrealism and melancholy? Perhaps those who work for air traffic control could be forgiven. For a true unadulterated experience, it’s best to do the journey by bike. Paddle board is an exception. Read More


Pedal Mode | Story Series II

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The first edition of Pedal Mode in 2015 continues on the theme of stories central to Amsterdam. Within a nest of rings, limbs pump like pistons, powering organisms on two wheels.

They often intermingle, transporting lumps of larva. Others bring necessities for the host. A few can produce enzymes in their shoes to emit light and warn others in hazardous climates. Interspecies relations is far-reaching, with help offered to the less fortunate who suffer from stunted growth. Read More