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“There are no small coincidences and big coincidences!” The quote is from one of my favourite scenes from Seinfeld. The author Rava argues with Elaine on the definition of a coincidence. Whether there are degrees of coincidences may be debatable. But more importantly is the significance of them. One such coincidence begins with the story of Bruno.

When I started this blog, my first step was to set up a Flickr account to host my material. Coincidentally, Bruno was my first Flickr contact. But it wasn’t until nearly 17 months later that I once again stumbled upon his account. I admired his two vintage bikes, especially a 1953 Batavus. We exchanged comments. I discovered many of his shots were of his daily commute in Lisbon. What a coincidence! I was leaving next week to Lisbon for a holiday. Read More

Cycle or Die

Pedal Mode | The Canvas Tote

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The canvas tote bag has been woven into the fabric of Amsterdam life. It has become a staple accessory among women who ride bikes. For good reason too, these simple and functional bags have many practical advantages.

Canvas is light weight, yet also durable and strong. The bags are easy to clean and if cared for properly, can last many years. The sling-over-shoulder convenience provides plenty of versatility. They can be used to carry practically anything and is only limited by your own imagination. When not in use, they can easily be folded and tucked away. Read More