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The union of bikes and art. That is the basis of Art Spin. A novel idea but what happens when these two things meet? Hundreds migrated by bike to Macgregor Park for an evening of artistic expression. The eager and curious crowd were met with live music, decorative festivities, complementary tuneups and refreshing pink lemonade. This lively and communal spirit was an indication of things to come.


Bikes + Art

The July edition itinerary from their web site, “This month we’ll be joined by our emcee Shamez Amlani and a roving band on bicycles as we travel through the streets to witness a musical production in a Byzantine Revival style church, a performance by Bluemouth Inc. and an immersive installation by Philippe Blanchard, along with a gallery visit and some chilling projections in an old warehouse.”

The event strikes a balance with a variety to suit all tastes while engrossing the senses. From the mysteriously alluring musical performance inside of a church to the Neoism work of Istvan Kantor, the diversity matched the milieu all of which was possible by bike. Only to conclude with the Fernanda Faria Collection on Queen West with drinks and Pie a la mode.

As the evening drew to a close, I thought about the relationship between bikes and art. Why the two? How would this event be different if one was without the other? One may consider the two to be symbiotic, both ushering a form of liberation that could lead to self expression. But as with art, whatever experience you draw from it is personal. Perhaps its just as simple as bikes + art. The best way to find out is to check it out Art Spin yourself.

For more information on this event and upcoming editions visit artspin.ca


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Art Spin July 2013

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