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The Art of Perpetually Rolling

The Rolling Spoke is a bicycle lifestyle photoblog based in Amsterdam. The aim is to put a creative spin of life on two wheels.

The Top Ten Bikes of Amsterdam in 2023

Looking for new bike? It can be a daunting task in a city where there are more bikes than people. Here is a list of the top ten bikes of Amsterdam in 2023

Review Of The Ahooga Power + (36V)

This is a review of the award winning Ahooga Folding Power + (36V.) A compact, hyper light yet sturdy bike that is fun to ride.

How to ride a bike with no hands

Riding a bike with no hands is a common quirk in Amsterdam. Here are reasons why people do it with tips on how to try it yourself.

The Bells of Amsterdam

The bike bell is an utter necessity to any city where the bicycle is worth a damn.

10 Tips To Shoot Bicycles In The City

If you have an interest in shooting bicycles as a theme, but need a little inspiration to get started, look no further.

Review Of The Urban by Ahooga

There is a simplified option making a statement in the city. This is a review of the Urban E-bike by Ahooga.