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I hardly need a reason to visit Berlin. But thanks to Art Spin, the city has been on the top of my checklist for over a year.

The union of bikes and art is the best idea since peanut butter met jam. The event that started in Toronto, has made its way across the Atlantic to the heart of Europe. The itinerary from the 2016 tour booklet, “The goal of art spin is to encourage you to see Berlin neighbourhoods in a new and interesting way by combining a community bike ride with curated art projects in public space.”

The evening began with participants gathering at Invalidenpark. Artists organized an orchestra where several hundred bicyclists rang their bells to the tune of Queen’s “Bicycle Race.” In short order, we began our 13 km pleasure ride through the neighbourhoods of Wedding and Moabit. The tour featured 11 projects at 6 locations within a perfect blend of urban and natural landscapes.

Among my personal highlights was riding into the urban settlement of PANKE and introduced to the ambient sounds of Andyvazul. While I had no idea what was going on with the the performance by hannsjana featuring toads, money tossed around and dry ice, it was curiously amusing to say the least. While I appreciated all the projects, the icing on the cake was simply being a part of a mass ride through Berlin with a beer in hand, while feeling the pulse of rhythmic grooves along the way.

Art Spin Berlin was a perfect antidote to nostalgic feelings of Toronto.  But also refreshing to experience something new in a place that is totally unfamiliar.  While I hardly needed a reason to visit this unique city, I now have plenty of reasons for a return visit.

Art Spin Berlin Map
Invalidenpark | Meeting point and registration
SAVVY | Contemporary Gallery visit
PANKE | Audio-visual performance by Claire Waffel & Pere Ferrera Bertran. Music installation and performance by Andyvazul
Volkspark Rehberge | Performance by Zwoisy Mears-Clarke
Jugendverkehrsschule Moabit | Performance by Hannsjana
ZK/U and Speisekino Moabit | Program by Mobile Kino. ON/OFF: Kopf Kino. Closing with music, food and drinks.
Welcome to Art Spin Berlin

Welcome to Art Spin Berlin

I Bike Berlin

I Bike Berlin

Bikes + Beer

Bikes + Beer

The Incantation of the disquieting muse

The Incantation of the disquieting muse

Flow Instabilities

Flow Instabilities | Claire Waffel and Pere Ferrera Bertran


Andyvazul | Disharmonika



Volkspark Rehberge

Congregating at Volkspark Rehberge | Performance by Zwoisy Mears-Clarke

Toads helping to establish the the relationship between economy, ecology and feminism

Performance by hannsjana | Toads helping to establish the the relationship between economy, ecology and feminism


Self-Projection against the wall at ZK/U by the collective ON/OFF

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