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Would you like to ride a bike and earn money doing it? Find out how with this list of bike courier jobs in Amsterdam.

The different Bike Courier jobs available

Many businesses employ their own couriers. Though they aren’t always dedicated jobs, rather tasks that need to be done. The most common courier job in the city is for online food delivery services. The most notable being Deliveroo, Thuisbezorgd and Uber Eats, who all deliver orders from restaurants.
But a new gig has emerged partly due to the pandemic, where online grocery shopping has skyrocketed across Europe. These startups operate their own distribution centres, or “dark” stores, offering consumers the convenience to get their groceries in ten minutes or less.
Here is a list of the online food and on-demand grocery bike courier jobs in Amsterdam.

Bike Courier jobs with online food ordering

Uber Eats Rider delivery Amsterdam
Uber Eats Logo
Uber Eats launched their delivery platform in the Netherlands in 2015. They operate under the freelance model similar to Deliveroo but without the ability to reject orders. This can cause bouts of rage for riders trying to reach their incentives.
Uber Eats is unfortunately notorious for not delivering their orders on time or not at all. There are also unsubstantiated claims and rumours about e-bike battery theft rings, drug dealing and coercion among Uber Eats Riders.
Regardless, there are riders who ride hard and hit their incentives and claim they earn the most as a freelancer with Uber Eats.
Thuisbezorgd Rider
Thuisbezorgd Logo
Thuisbezorgd is the longest serving food ordering company in the Netherlands with their headquarters in Amsterdam. Riders are paid by the hour on a employment contract and can choose their schedule, based on 3 or 8 hour shifts. They have their own fleet of electric bikes. Though if you use your own e-bike, you can be compensated for mileage.
One drawback with Thuisbezorgd is that it can be difficult to get shifts. Though they state on their site ” … we can guarantee you up to 40 hours per week.”

Rocket Delivery Logo

Rocket was founded in 2018, they debuted in Amsterdam in 2021 offering restaurant delivery services. They offer incentives to new riders and claim to that you can earn up to 20 euro per hour depending on your performance. The food delivery service is saturated in Amsterdam with the big three, so it will be interesting to see if Rocket can maintain a presence in the market.

Delivering with on-demand grocery


Gorillas debuted in 2021 under much hype as the first on-demand grocery service in the Netherlands. The company is the fastest startup ever in Germany to be valued at 1 billion. Gorillas has bold branding and uses the slogan faster than you. Riders are outfitted with stylish black swag, helmets and are provided free e-bikes for deliveries.

Flink Logo

Flink, which means. “quick” in German is another Berlin based startup. They claim to deliver groceries in less that 10 minutes. Their blitzkrieg expansion with the intent to revolutionize the grocery delivery industry, has them going head-to-head with Gorillas for dominance in the market. Couriers ride e-bikes and get discounts from groceries.

New to the scene

Getir Logo

Getir was founded in 2015 in Turkey and has expanded rapidly in the past two years. Amsterdam became the first Dutch city where the all three of the company’s services (“ultrafast” delivery, takeaway food delivery, online grocery shopping) are offered through the Getir app.

Zapp Delivery Logo

Zapp is a London based startup that also operates a “dark store” model. They deliver over a 1000 essential items, 24/7 and in under 20 minutes. Zapp employs their riders, providing them with branded e-bikes and electric scooters. Dutch speaking required.

Bike Courier jobs delivering packages

Delivering packages on a bike in Amsterdam is done in bulk. Which means a cargo bike with a full load. If this sounds like something you can handle, here are two excellent companies that do it the best.

Cycloon Courier
Cycloon logo
Cycloon’s bicycle couriers have been riding along the Amsterdam canals since 2016. Riders are equipped with a helmet and backpack and ride a range of cargo bikes. Are you fit, sporty and want to work outside? Cycloon is a great choice for serious riders.
Parcls cargo bike
Parcls logo
Parcls opened six locations across Amsterdam in 2020. In one year, they delivered over 350,000 packages sustainably on their massive fleet of electric cargo bikes. Needless to say, there are plenty of packages to deliver.

Good luck with your hunt in finding a bike courier job in Amsterdam. Ride safe!

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