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Riding a bike while holding another. Everyday in Amsterdam there is someone performing this skillful feat with ease. But is there more than meets the eye?

I couldn’t help but be enamoured by this practical approach to retrieving and delivering bikes. Why waste time and money taking public transportation or a car? If one is capable, why not just ride along with the bike?

When I showed one of my photos to a longtime Amsterdam resident, he vehemently proclaimed “Fietsendief!” The translation to English is bicycle thief!

Gazelle Run

Could I have been wrong? Are these not the gallant efforts of Amsterdammers once again exhibiting Dutch practicality? Have I been admiring the deeds of riff-raff engaged in the lowest form of thievery?

Unfortunately my Dutch sources have proven to be unreliable. Likely as a result of my inability to read a poker face.

For the time being, I will give these supposed “bike thieves” the benefit of the doubt, and refrain from the suggestion that I should stop them by jamming something hard in between their spokes.

Born Identity

Ride towards the Light

Two bikes, one man

Thievery Corp.

Bike thieves

Bike thieves

Bike thieves

Bike thieves

Three's a crowd

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  • Arjen Haayman says:

    I can’t help but think that steering by holding the bike by it’s handle is asking for trouble. Grab the bike in the center is the way to go I would think.

    • I would agree. The photo of the couple were struggling with the bike. He was managing but didn’t make it look easy. I imagine problems would occur when attempting to turn or going around a bend.

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