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Bike to Work Day

By May 27, 2013October 15th, 2017No Comments2 min read

Majority of people work and need to go somewhere to do it. Among the most rewarding experiences of riding a bike is the daily commute.

Bike month kicks off with the Bike to Work Day. The community event features a group ride to Nathan Phillips Square where there will be pancakes and t-shirts.

Bike to Work Day

This is the first time I ever attended a bicycle event. I was excited to experience the camaraderie of fellow bicyclists but upon arriving I was moderately stunned by what I saw.

The number of people wearing helmets and safety gear was alarming. It resembled more of a militant cycling convention and not the people I see every morning riding to work. While waiting in line for coffee, I was even asked if I rode my bike today. I can only assume since I wasn’t wearing a helmet, that their guess is I walked here.

After a quick glance at the stands, I grabbed my bike and decided to head to work. I was perplexed at the behaviour of some of these bicyclists while leaving the square. Riding passed opened doors of street cars, carrying on conversations while being totally oblivious to pedestrians crossing the street. Are these not the people who advocate sensible riding and safety on the streets?

I made a quick stop to take some shots of commuting bicyclists. The photograph below was one I captured on this day. It seemed like it was the antithesis of what I saw at Nathan Phillips Square. A woman I’ve seen on a few occasions riding along Queen Street, casually riding and dressed in normal everyday clothes.

These are the bicyclists I see everyday on my way to work. Not this strange posse that came out of the woodwork on one day promoting cycling in the city.  For myself and others like-minded, Bike to Work Day is everyday.

Bike to Work Day

Bike to Work Day

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