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The Bikecap

By July 7, 2015September 19th, 2019No Comments2 min read

The most unheralded bike accessory in Amsterdam is also the most underrated. If you’re lucky, you might just get one for free.

When the term bikecap comes to mind, you may think of the traditional cap worn by competitive cyclists.  But the Dutch version isn’t one that you wear on your head.


The chance of rain is practically a daily fact in The Netherlands. The overwhelming majority of bicycles are kept outside, and as such it can never be a pleasant start to the day having to sit on a wet saddle.  The humble bikecap is the perfect solution to keeping those precious orifices and family jewels dry from the elements.

To get your hands on one, just pop into any bike shop.  Though with a little luck, you might find a cap fastened to your seat as they’re often given away during a promotion.  Train stations and larger lots are most often the targets, as one will quickly notice them peppered among the many.


The BikeCap

Not to be dismissed is the benefit of a duel purpose as they can help to find your bike if you happen to forget where you parked it.  That’s a sweet bonus for something that equals the cost of a beer or two.

If you rather keep your money for suds or worry about the cap getting swiped, a common thing to do is just tie a plastic bag to your seat. Unfortunately this will look like road kill after a while, but hey were talking about functionality here. Whatever you choose, protecting your saddle is a novel idea and your ass will thank you for it.

The BikeCap


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