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Seville is my first introduction to Spain. This is a city layered in rich history with busy and lively streets.  The best way to immerse myself is to roll in on bike.

I booked a bike tour with Elecmove Bike Tours.  The name of the tour business is a play on words, since the bikes we ride are in fact electric. This was my first experience using an electric bike and while I wouldn’t have considered purchasing one, I found it totally suitable for the tour.

David Elecmove

Our guide was David.  A local of Seville and long time advocate of bicycling in the city.  He told us about the success of the investment and building of new infrastructure over the past decade. This has helped propel Seville among the top 10 cycling cities in the world according to Copenhagenize.

Our private tour brought us to see the most impressive sights in Seville, such as the such as the Cathedral and the bell-tower Giralda, the Alcázar, the old tobacco factory, the mythical Golden Tower, the stunning Plaza de España, and the tranquil river Guadalquivir.

River Guadalquivir

River Guadalquivir

Metropol Parasol

Metropol Parasol

The electric bikes chewed up the cobbled streets with ease and biking around felt like a pleasure ride.  It was also clear there was an effort behind the cycling infrastructure, going beyond simply being practical as it even had charm.

Our tour lasted just over 2 hours but I was still astonished how much we saw.  David was friendly, cool and laid back.  Being around him felt like a enjoying a day with an old friend.  Before parting he offered some places to eat and his recommendations were spot on. If you’re hankering to go out for tapas, be sure to connect with him as he also does food tours.

Seville is a flamboyant and charismatic city.  Enveloped in the sun, coupled with excellent food and fine wine, it’s the perfect southern European getaway.  But for a memorable introduction into this amazing city, I recommend discovering Seville by bike.


Painting in Seville

Cycle in Seville

View from atop

Seville Cathedral

The Bicyclist

Bike Path

Follow David

Bike Lane

Bike guard

Wall Art

Drink Break

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