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Feet First

By August 14, 2015May 23rd, 20163 Comments2 min read

If you want to get off on the right foot with someone, just look to the feet.

A Study conducted by the University of Kansas found that footwear can reveal the owners gender and age but could also accurately determine up to 90% of vital personality traits like emotional tendencies and political preferences.


My first encounter with this notion happened when I worked for an eLearning company and our account manager mentioned an interesting tidbit about one of our top clients.  He was the CEO of a national wide furniture retailer in Canada, and he made it known to her that he looks at everyone’s shoes.  He said that he judges people on what they wear on their feet.

Having a playful antagonistic nature, I removed my shoes in the office and walked around in socks for a month.  But ever since I learned of this unique insight, I’ve often wondered what can shoes reveal about someones identity.

In doing my rounds of riding and photography, I began framing shots of bicyclists and their feet. My observations have led me to believe that the bicycle can be an extension of someones personality.  Can human nature be uncovered by a correlation between the two?  This photo series intends to see if the shoe fits.

Drop bar boots


Tight Spot


Girl Power

Kilt Style

Heel Prop

The Bends

Gold Plated Ruby Pants

Fresh Tendril

Dutch socks

Rusty Pants

The Stretch

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