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This isn’t a voyeuristic post on people’s butts. Rather it’s an inquisitive question of the most important bike accessory. How to wear a bike lock.

Why wear a bike lock?

Bike locks come in a variety of styles. Having a lock without a bike bike mount means that you will either have it dangling off your bike or you have to carry it.
But a lock that isn’t secure means that it will rattle against the frame. It could chip the paint, expose it to rust and ruin the aesthetics. Not least of all, the noise could just annoy you. So the next best thing is to figure out how to take it with you.

How to carry a U-lock

U-locks are among the most popular bike locks. Kryptonite is a reputable brand and they offer a range dependable u-locks and come with an anti-theft guarantee.
They’re suitable to use with a ring post. Bicyclists in Toronto get pretty creative in carrying their u-locks. Wearing a belt is handy as you can either slide the shackle in between the belt and pants.
Or you can lock it around the belt and let it hang. If you’re riding with a backpack and don’t have any room to stuff inside, you could also lock it around the strap. This is handy as it won’t weigh down your pants.
If you’re not wearing a belt, you could simply try to shove it into your back pocket.

How to wear a chain lock

Chain locks are by far the most popular type of lock in Amsterdam. Nearly everyone that uses one wrap it around their seat post. Most people wear it cross-body. If you have a shorter length chain lock, you can wear like a belt, assuming you have some hips to prop it up.

Wearing a lock comes down to personal preference

How to wear a bike lock really comes down to personal preference and of course, the type of lock you have. However you choose to wear your lock, I simply ask that you be kind to the guy you may think is taking a photo of your ass.

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