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When it comes to locking your bike in Toronto, there is one ring that rules them all. The City of Toronto’s Bicycle Locking Ring Post Program provides over 17,000 parking spots to the public, more than any other city on the continent.

Vintage bike locked to ring post in Toronto

However, according to a recent study, a vast majority of cyclists (98%) agree there is a shortage of secure bike parking in the City.

The Cycling Infrastructure and Programs Unit (CIP) of the City of Toronto is developing a new Bike Parking Strategy to accommodate the increased demand for bicycle parking. The Queen Street West Bicycle Parking Study is a part of this program in which cyclists will see a 30% increase of parking infrastructure this year along Queen Street West, between Gladstone Avenue to Markham Street.

Adding a little flare to ring posts

This initiative will include multi-bike racks, bike shelters and new bike stands with urban design as an essential part of the coordinated street furniture effort. Forged with an artistic flair that still adheres to ergonomics and functionality, the new stands are a welcome addition to sidewalks and boulevards even if they won’t make your bike invisible.

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