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Feeling the Monday Blues? Just add yellow

By August 22, 2016December 6th, 2018No Comments1 min read

It can be difficult to start the week on a wet or dreary morning. The combination of the two can lead to a case of the Monday Blues.

This is especially true in Holland, where the summer has been officially declared a disappointment by According to the Weather Bureau of Netherlands, there have been just seven days without rain somewhere in the country. The institute expects this season to be one of the worst since 1996. This has led to some wisecrack commentary, my favourite being “Summer in Amsterdam, the best day of the year.”

My solution to remedy the Monday Blues is to add a little yellow. Blue mixed with yellow will produce green. Though while clear skies and luscious green days may be far and few between, the simple act or riding a bicycle will always induce small moments of happiness.

Smiley Face

“Smiley Face”

Happy Duck

“Happy Duck”

Squeeky Bee

“Squeeky Bee”

Happy Wheels

“Happy Wheels”

Smile back atcha'

Smile back atcha’

Smile, you're on a bike!

“Smile, you’re on a bike!”

Angel Wings

“Angel Wings”



Yellow Bike Farm

“Yellow Bike Farm”

Green Day

“Green Day”

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