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Only one excuse for being late

By May 30, 2016December 6th, 2018No Comments1 min read

Time is something we all need.  One of the best reasons to ride a bike is that it gives you time.  

Traffic jams, construction, waiting for the tram becomes moot when choosing to pedal.  The bicycle eliminates any constraints of the city while offering a predictable yet adaptable ride.  As such, there really is no excuse for being late, except for one.

In Amsterdam, the number one reason used by students on why they are late for class is because of a bridge opening up to let ships pass.  With over 1700 bridges in the city, it’s an all too common excuse.

Though losing a minute or two is of little concern though if you are willing to bike faster and it may even garner some sympathy if you arrive out of breath.

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