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Pedal Mode

The Ride Along

By August 25, 2014September 11th, 2016No Comments1 min read

Riding a bike in the city is often categorized as simply a mode of transportation. This maybe be obvious and true, but looking at cycling through this lens reduces  it to just that when in fact it is far more.

I’m quite fond of observing people who give others a lift by bike. Practical and amusing at times, make no doubt that there is something invariably  happening that is overlooked and perhaps even undervalued.

When people ride together there is a bond being formed. The proximity, trust and human touch all play a role in this connection. It may be subtle and for some may just happen at a subconscious level.

Yet you won’t feel this relationship when crammed in a steel tube on the subway.  Or sitting in a back seat separated by neoprene and vinyl. This week’s Pedal Mode pays homage to a mode of transportation that does.

Family Ride


Face to Face

Two bikes, three friends

Hitch a Ride


Doubleback Sting

Things that make you go hmmm

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