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Pedal Mode

Lords of Leather

By October 6, 2014December 6th, 2018No Comments1 min read

Thanks to James Dean and Indiana Jones, there is no substitute for leather as the ultimate cool. The classic take of wearing animal hide conjures ideas of rebellion and bad boys on Harleys. Today, the leather jacket spans the entire fashion panorama from punk to chic.

Combined with two wheels and powered by sinewy thighs helps to reveal an unmatched stratum of urban style and swagger. This week’s Pedal Mode features Amsterdam’s best in black, plus an added wild card shot from the streets of Toronto.

Bag O' Bullets

Bag O’ Bullets | Rozengracht

Leather & Style

Leather & Style | Nieuwe Haarlemmersluis


WTF | Jordaan

Leather & Tote

Leather & Tote | Utrechtsestraat

Side Pocket

Side Pocket | Damstraat


Ribbed | Spuistraat


Punked | Elandsgracht

Fixed Track Mind

Fixed Track Mind | Queen Street, Toronto

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