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In the past few days, bicycles were scattered about the city. Wind gusts of up to 85km/h provided plenty of punch as Amsterdammers went about their day. Today I found myself sucked into a howling wind tunnel at Dam Square.

I decided to stop and see how others were coping. In the presence of nature’s sandblasting, there were plenty of screams from tourists on foot but hardly a whimper from anyone who struggled on bike.

Bracing the elements is nothing unusual for anyone who rides a bike in the city. For most, it was life as usual while others had to barrel down. But once there is a lull in the air, it only takes a moment to get that second wind.

Grey Streaks

Dam Square, Amsterdam Centrum.

Hair Whip

“Hair Whip”

Phone Check

“Phone Check”

Barreling Down

“Barreling Down”

Dam Style

“Dam Style”

Easy for some, hard for others

“Easy for some, hard for others”

"Nearly there"

“Nearly there”

Ride through Dam

“Ride through Dam”

Wind & Sun

“Wind & Sun”

Bracing the wind

“Bracing the wind”

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