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This is the second edition of the Rear View Wheel series, featuring candid shots from behind as I ride.


“Magenta” | Marnixstraat, Amsterdam Centrum.

Barefoot & the Cyclist

“Barefoot & the Cyclist” | Westerpark, Westpoort.

Double Whammy

“Double Whammy” | Museumplein, Oud-Zuid district.

The Rijksmuseum

“The Rijksmuseum” | Museumplein, Oud-Zuid district.

Pannier Bag Ping

“Pannier Bag Ping” | De Pijp, Oud-Zuid.

Rolling De Pijp

“Rolling De Pijp” | De Pijp, Oud-Zuid.


“Paisley” | Oost-Watergraafsmeer, Amsterdam.

Park side

“Park side” | Vondelpark, Oud-West.

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