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In an effort to capture my experience of biking in the city, I began photographing bicyclists while I ride.

My aim is show that life is more colourful and enjoyable when pedalling through the streets. Cycling isn’t just a sport or a mode of transportation, rather it’s a tool to liberate oneself from the constraints of the city.

Inside of the car, your eyes are fixated on tail lights, street lights and signs. The bicycle provides a new perspective and brings the experience of travel to whole new level. The bicyclist is in control, engaged and free. The world smells sweeter and looks better, making the journey more satisfying.

I began this series in Toronto and continued the habit in Amsterdam. Welcome to the first edition to the Rear View Wheel Series.

Blue Monday II

“Blue Monday” | Rembrandtplein, Amsterdam Centrum.

Summer Noel

“Summer Noël | Museumplein, Oud-Zuid district.


“The Navigator” | Oud-West.

Rearview Mirror

“Rear View Mirror” | Utrecht

Hitch to Leidseplein

“Hitch to Leidseplein” | Leidseplein, Amsterdam Centrum.


“Scarlet” | De Pijp, Oud-Zuid.

"Roll along Bloor" | Bloor Street, Toronto.

“Roll along Bloor” | Bloor Street, Toronto.

Bike TO

Bike TO | College St, Toronto.

Orange Sylvia

“Orange Sylvia” | College St, Toronto.

In the Pink

“In the Pink” College St, Toronto.

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