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The first half of 2021 continues much of the same way where 2020 left off. Turbulent and uncertain are just two words out of many that can describe the past year.

People are looking for return to civility and calm. How can we achieve this? Take small steps and look to the bike.

Amsterdam was hit with a rare case of snowfall earlier in year. But would this bring traffic jams and disruptions? No only a diversion of tranquility.

Ticket to Ride

One of my favourite moments was witnessing this guy. Riding hands-free along the canal streets, crossing one leg over the top bar and gesturing like a music conductor with The Beatles blazing through his headphones. All the while, carrying food in his hand. Things are returning to normal.
It certainly wasn’t all flowers and sunshine, erratic weather and typical rainfall came far too often. But I’m always happy to see riders break out the umbrellas.

Here comes the sun

When the sun did return, it only helped to lift the spirits and accentuate the simple beauty of riding a bike.
Rounding out the first half of 2021 are some of my other photos that resonated with me. Thanks Amsterdammers, looking forward to the coming months.

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