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Red 116

By January 13, 2014July 25th, 2017No Comments2 min read

I bike past this scene on my daily commute. But only recently did I begin to notice it.

At a certain time of the day, the sun would peek through the buildings on the opposite side of the street and create a spot light on this lone bike and red door.

While there’s really nothing particularly interesting about this scene, there is something that makes me ponder about my life years ago.

There was a time when I lived on a third floor of a decrepit, mouse infested apartment building.  I would often take the stairs to go down to underground parking because the elevator was either broken or took too long.  

My car was at the far end of the lot, which didn’t include just my building but the entire cluster of apartment buildings in the area.  I couldn’t be further from the exit door.

It would take no less than 5 minutes to leave my home and get on the street. Sometimes longer if I decided to take the elevator.

Assuming the owner of this bike is the resident in 116, it makes me wonder how long it takes them to leave their home and ride onto the street. However long it takes someone to walk ten steps I would imagine.

I can’t help but think that urban life is enlightened, in some cases liberated by owning a bicycle.

Red 116

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