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The award winning Ahooga Folding is a compact, hyper light yet sturdy bike that is fun to ride. The unique combination of features, elegant styling commands attention. However the distinction happens on the streets, as I put the bike  to the test on the streets of Amsterdam for this review of the Ahooga Power + (36V) Folding Bicycle.

Ahooga Folding Power + (36V)

The origins of Ahooga

Founded in 2015, the word Ahooga is an onomatopoeic name that comes from the sound made from a classic Ford Model T car horn. It’s a catchy name that blends in masterfully with their marketing. But the essence of the company begins with their belief that the “secret of the world’s happiest cities lies on pleasant commuting.”
Enter the Folding, the signature bike by Ahooga that won the prestigious Red Dot Award in 2018 for its quality design and characteristics. Designed and Built in Brussels, Ahooga is forward-thinking bike company that wants to play a role in the transformation of cities.

Smart Design

The Ahooga Folding may look like other folding bikes at first glance, but there are some unique features that sets it apart from anything else on the market.

It’s built with a classic, retro-styled stiff aluminum triangular frame. The bike is designed with a pair of double downtubes which allows the back wheel to swing in between the tubes when folding. This blends in nicely with the 20” wheels that offer a comfortable and stable ride.

The hinge free design helps to create a rigid yet dynamic riding experience. In many ways, the Ahooga Folding is more comparable to a bike with full size geometry.

Available in 3 models

The Ahooga Folding comes in three models. All are offered in platina grey, but you can get the bike from a choice of 215 colors for a mere € 150 extra in either matte or glossy finish.
  • No electric assistance
  • Promax caliper brakes and pads
  • Schwalbe Kojak tyres
  • 12kg

Great choice for those who are on the move.

  • Battery 168Wh
  • 250W engine
  • Torque: 35Nm
  • Up to 45km range
  • Max speed 25 km/h
  • Schwalbe Marathon Racer tyres
  • Promax caliper brakes and pads
  • 16kg

It's the perfect companion when you have to go uphill.

  • Battery 252Wh
  • 250W engine
  • Torque: 40Nm
  • Up to 60 km range
  • Max speed 25 km/h
  • Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres
  • Disc brakes
  • 17.4kg

If you want more speed and power, the Power + (36V) is for you!

More in the Details

All three models share the same transmission, using a 7 speed Shimano Acer drivetrain. The stem is adjustable with a clamp and handlebars are outfitted with grippy rubber ergo grips. All models have aluminum folding pedals along with super-neat, innovative flexible fenders that curl up when not in use.
The Power + (36V) is complemented with a Selle Royal M2 Saddle. The bike has an elegant, non-intrusive OLED display with 5 levels of power assist. The menu button will display riding time, speed, average speed, max speed and total mileage.

Additional Specs

  • Frame: Hinge-free aluminum 6061
  • Motor: Aikema 250W motor
  • Battery: Li-Ion. Panasonic cells. 7Ah. 252Wh
  • Power Modes: 5 mode assistance levels + Walk Assist
  • Range: Up to 60 km of assisted riding
  • Speed: 25 km/h
  • Torque: 45Nm
  • Tires: All seasons, multi-tracks, Schwalbe Marathon Plus
  • Saddle: Selle Royal Scientia M2
  • Lights: LED lights. 40/20 lumens (front/rear). USB rechargable.
  • Transmission: Shimano Acera. 7 Speeds
  • Weight: 17.4 KG
  • Rider height: 155cm-200cm

Folding the Ahooga Power 36V

After some practice, it takes about 10-15 seconds to fold the Ahooga down to a compact size (L85xH74xW30cm.)

Ahooga Folding Power 36V inside

Storing the Ahooga Folding

To begin, the rear wheel will swing into the triangle frame while the front wheel is turned to the right on a slight angle. Pushing the top tube down and backwards will tilt the bike allowing the seat post to go down after the clamp is unlocked. The handlebar stem will fold down to the side after releasing the security tigger followed by the lever.

The front wheel is then removed using the quick release system. The wheel is then mounted on a hook on the front on the right chain stay. The final step is to fold the pedals by pulling the triggers.

If you need to roll the bike anywhere, the seat tube can be extended and the bike angled back on to the small rolling wheels. The bulbous shape of the wheels are ideal and makes for an effortless experience if you need to roll the bike anywhere.

Charging the Ahooga

The compact battery box is opened with a key and a security screw. Opening the box can allow for the battery to be removed or it can be charged by leaving it on. It takes 3.5 hours to fully charge the battery.

Ahooga Folding Battery case

Riding the Ahooga Power 36V

I was expecting an initial bit of quirkiness with my first ride with the Ahooga. But thanks to the hinge-free triangular frame, it won’t feel like your bouncing on a wishbone as is the case with other folding bikes.
I was pleasantly surprised by the stiff and stable ride. The full-size geometry offers excellent control with the 20” wheels. The  handlebar stem can be adjusted for an ideal palm position while your hands rest on rubber ergo grips.  This all comes together nicely for a compliant and comfortable riding experience.

As the Ahooga Power + (36V) is equipped with 7 speed gears, you can find that sweet spot of pedalling while using minimal power assist. There is an unnoticeable delay with the electric motor when at a stop, but when you begin to pedal, the power is responsive and the 40 Nm of torque is more than sufficient with such a light bike.

But in power mode 5, you can reach speeds of about 27 km/hr. This is where the most fun can be had and I was surprised with the superb acceleration and speed when using the top power mode.

Riding in Hybrid Mode

I love the idea of riding in hybrid mode with an electric bike. It’s a great way to extend your range as well as the life of your battery.

The Folding Power + (36V) offers a decent ride without any power assist. There is a touch of resistance when not using the power assist. But it was more than sufficient when cycling at higher speeds.

Ahooga Folding fiets

Ahooga Folding bike

Ahooga in Amsterdam

In a city where there are literally more bikes than people, I can honestly say that I haven’t seen an Ahooga in Amsterdam. That can be a bit of mystery as any bike that rolls is welcome. But also considering the fact that the Folding is quite popular south of the border in Belgium.

Folding bikes are pretty common in Amsterdam and the Ahooga would be a great choice in that regard. For one, they ride for free for those who commute by train. This is a nice money-saver in the long run as traditional bikes need to pay € 3 per trip.

As I put the Ahooga Power + (36V) to the test riding in heavy traffic, tackling inclines on bridges and an assortment of city terrain, there was little doubt the bike belongs here.

Cobbled roads within the old city district is not where the bike will shine with the smaller tires, but it’s a comfortable enough ride that it won’t detract much from the riding experience.

But on smooth flat bike lanes is where the Ahooga Power + (36V) really excels. This was especially evident during rush hour when bicyclists bunch around at intersections choosing their pole position. I could squeeze into spots I normally wouldn’t with a larger bike. Once the light turns green, the control and sublime electric assist ensures that I could get ahead the game.

I had to tone down my excitement at times because I had the tendency to blurt out “AHOOGA!” when I had passed swaths of bicyclists.

But it just seemed like a natural inclination as riding the Folding is a wholly satisfying experience and really made for an enjoyable ride.

Final Thoughts

The Ahooga Power + (36V) exceeded my expectations. It doesn’t ride like a small folding bicycle, rather it strikes a nice balance between being nimble and stable. The electric assistance is superb, producing top speed for a dynamic riding experience.
Built in Brussels, you can be assured of European quality and ingenuity. The Ahooga Power + (36V) is an intriguing package as a light, compact, comfortable bike while being a serious street performer that is a real pleasure to ride.

The Ahooga Power + (36V) is a dynamic compact folding bike that's fast, comfortable and super fun to ride.

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