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In a world where bikes are becoming increasingly electric, there is a simplified option making a statement in the city. This is a review of the Urban by Ahooga.

In partnership with Ahooga

About Ahooga

Ahooga is a well known bike brand in Belgium, based out of Brussels. The name “Ahooga” comes from the sound made by the classic Ford Model T car horn.
It’s a forward-thinking bike company that wants to play a role in the transformation of cities. They are known for their award winning Folding E-bike. The Urban is their endeavour into providing a low maintenance street performer with great value.

The Urban by Ahooga

The Urban is ready to ride right out of the box

The bike is literally ready to go right out of the box as there is no assembly required. All that needs to be done is aligning the handlebar with the unique twistlock feature found on the stem.

Smart Urban Design

The bike has a solid look, nice geometry with angular lines with a quality grey metallic paint finish. I particularly like the girth of the down tube which compliments the top twin tube design.

The ultimate Urban E-bike | Ahooga Urban

The Urban comes together in a nice setup that weighs only 19 kg at a cost of just €1,999.

Components and Specs

The bikes comes equipped with wide Schwalbe big apple tires mounted on 26″ rims within a rigid fork. I expect quality brakes on an E-bike and that’s exactly what you get with Shimano hydraulic brakes and calipers.

My version has a belt drive, so no more worrying about grease or having to adjust derailleurs.

There is also an option to get a chain with a slim, fully-enclosed chain glider for €200 less for a total price of €1,799

The Urban is a single speed bike but that doesn’t detract from performance thanks to a powerful 250W rear motor that produces 60 nm of torque.

There are no integrated lights but your Urban will come with neat Knog plus USB rechargeable front and rear lights offering a power of 40 and 20 lumens respectively.

A nice finishing touch is a comfortable yet sleek, 100 percent waterproof Selle Royal ARIEL saddle.

Additional Specs

  • Frame: Aluminium 6061T6
  • Tires: All seasons, multi-tracks, Schwalbe Big Apple
  • Motor: Aikema 250W motor rear drive
  • Torque: 60Nm
  • Battery: Li-Ion. 300Wh (option 400Wh: + € 200, option extra 300Wh battery: +€ 200)
  • Range: Up to 55+km of assisted ride (400Wh: up to +70km)
  • Speed: 25 km/h
  • Riding modes: 5 mode assistance levels + Walk Assist
  • Lights: USB rechargeable LED lights. 40/20 lumens (front/rear)
  • Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes (rotor 160 mm)
  • Max Load: 135KG
  • Weight: Approximate weight 19KG
  • Recommended rider height: 160cm-200cm

The battery & charging

The Urban comes with a 300wh li-ion battery that offers a range of up to 55km.

For €200 extra you can get the 400Wh battery (+70 km range) or an additional 300Wh battery.
The battery weighs just over 2 kilos and is removable with a key. It takes about 3 hours to charge and can be done by either removing the battery with a key or leaving it in the bike.

Power Modes and Display

There are 5 levels of power assist. The modes are accessed on the elegant and nonintrusive OLED display. In addition to the assistance level, there is info on speed, mileage and battery level.
My bike had the display on the left side of the handlebar next to a standard bell. I thought it would be better suited on the right side which can be easily done since this is not an integrated component.
But this didn’t annoy me, on the contrary it only added to my resolve that the Urban is just a low maintenance, no-nonsense approach to an overall well-thought out bike.

A unique space saving feature

The twistlock on the Urban is an ingenious idea and one that is super advantageous in a city like Amsterdam.

In just few steps, you can pivot the handlebar to align with the bike that saves up to 60% less space.

This is helpful if you store your bike indoors in a hallway or wherever space is limited. But in an urban environment, options will present themselves when dealing with a crowded Dutch bike parking rack.

Riding the Urban

My first impressions of riding the Urban is that it’s a sturdy bike. The large tires handle well and do a nice job dampening cobbled roads and potholes.  The hydraulics are responsive and worked flawlessly.

Bike with graffiti

The Urban by Ahooga

Speed is delivered by a torque sensor and worked nicely with the rear motor. There is a natural feel to riding since the power comes from the rear wheel, which helps in producing tight steering and a controlled ride.

The power modes worked well at incremental speeds but at top level 5, there is a statement to be made.

At max power, the 60 nm of torque was evident, as acceleration is first class.

EU regulations limit bikes to 25 km/hr, but the electric motor can swiftly bring me up to 28 km/hr.

Forget about gears because the Urban is seriously fast.
The handlebar position could be taxing on your wrists on long rides. I wouldn’t mind seeing a nicely styled urban ergo handlebar on the bike, which is possible as this is not an integrated component.
The riding experience is top notch for the city rider. Whether dealing with traffic, hills or city terrain, there is no doubt the Urban can handle it all.

A hybrid Experience

Thanks to its light weight and comfort, the Urban is even a pleasant ride without electric support. This is a purposeful design and a nice benefit to the rider who wants to gauge their energy level with the option for support.
This is a wise approach, as you’ll increase your range and, consequently, the life of your battery as well.
I found riding at around 20 km/h to be a sweet spot. Sufficient resistance without having to pedal hard.

Review of the Urban E-bike by Ahooga

Final thoughts

The Urban by Ahooga is a well-thought E-bike by a company that understands its market. It’s a robust, hyper-light and a comfortable bike that performs as intended.
When combined with low maintenance quality components, space saving features and strong performance, you get top value for the money. If you’re looking for a solid E-bike to blitz the streets, the Urban should be a consideration.

The Urban is a no-nonsense, solid street performer at a great price designed to conquer the city.

GusRolling Spoke

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Join the discussion 2 Comments

  • Hi Gus, thanks for your super helpful review. I have a pressing question. I know bikes well but am new to e-bikes. I think a rear engine, on-frame battery and especially a belt rather than a chain are the way to go. I’m just amazed to find the Urban Belt with 300Wh now costs only €1,599, whereas anything comparable seems to cost at least €1,000 more. Where’s the catch? The only small minus I’ve seen so far is the wheels: I’m 190cm and would prefer 28 rather than 26 inch. Am I missing something?

  • Gus says:

    Hi Michiel, glad you liked the review and I appreciate your comment. The price drop to €1600 is exceptional. As to what’s the catch? That’s a good question. The bike is remarkably simple and has no proprietary parts, like cranks, handlebars and mudguards. When comparing costs, the little things like chain guards, saddle quality and racks naturally add to the price. The brand of battery and motor will also be factor.

    The difference between riding a 28 compared to 26 inch is pretty negligible. Riding on a quality tire like the juicy Schwalbe big apple tires with an electric motor provides a different riding experience. Mind you this can still be a personal preference but I would maybe even prefer the 26 inch wheel. It’s only because in Amsterdam I’d lean towards being more nimble and want control as I’m constantly squeezing in between bike traffic and people and winding around corners and not so much riding down long stretches of open road.

    I hope that helps a little, best wishes with whatever you decide to get. Happy riding!

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