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What happens when man’s best friend meets man’s greatest invention? Trust, respect and a bond cultivate on the road when biking with your dog.

Woman riding a bicycle with a dog and two baskets

I have an affinity for our four-legged friends, especially when a bike is involved. Dogs like people come in all shapes, sizes and temperaments. Regardless of the method to ride with them, there never seems to be a complaint from fido.

The benefits of riding with your dog

There are some real benefits to biking with your dog too. Riding a bike can also be used for exercise (what a novel idea!) I know from watching episodes of the Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan that he often recommends expending their energy in a productive way to counter bad behavior. As such, biking with our dog is a great way to give them that much need physical activity.

How to get started riding with your dog

The pack leader has the best judgement when it comes to riding with a dog. Whether you want them to ride along with you or simply take them to the park, is decision that is left to the person who knows their dog best and that’s you. But what I can say with certain, is that you have to be confident and in control when on your bike.
If you want to some practical tips on riding with your dog, then check out my essential guide on How to bike with your dog.
In the meantime, below are some candid photographs for my latest series of the Rear View Wheel. I hope this tribute to biking with your dog will inspire you to get those wheels rolling and take your friendship to another level.

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