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Riding a bike while holding an umbrella is about as civilized as one can get.

It’s charming reminder that whatever you can do walking, you can practically do while on a bike in the Netherlands. Though there are a few downsides in biking with an umbrella. Especially when compared to wearing rain proof clothing.

Cyclists with umbrellas in Amsterdam

Not all umbrellas are created equal

Rain can be accompanied by gale winds. As such, it can be challenge, if not impossible to ride with one hand while holding an umbrella. Not all umbrellas are created equal either. Weight, shape, size, construction and ergonomics of the handle, all play a role in whether your umbrella will end up in a garbage bin before reaching the end of your ride.

The best umbrella for riding in the rain

To help remedy this problem, brands like Senz have windproof umbrellas (wind resistance up to 80 km/h) with an aerodynamic shape, and claim they won’t invert on you.

One can be forgiven if they want to wear a trash bag poncho instead. You’re likely to keep your legs dry, something umbrellas are notoriously bad at doing. But if you’re looking for some protecting and a little refinement on a simple commute, than consider riding with an umbrella.

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