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Taking pictures with your phone while riding a bike may seem like an absurdity. Because it’s easier to do with a proper camera.

The Rear View Wheel Series has always been captured with a DSLR camera. The ergonomics of holding a camera is simply easier to take pictures with one hand on the steering wheel.

Why use a phone to take pictures while on a bike?

One of the advantages of mobile photography is that you always have a phone with you. I like to think that I always ride with a camera in hand, but the truth is I don’t. I’m not thinking of taking photos on a four minute errand. However, opportunities to capture something of interest don’t just revolve around my schedule. In Amsterdam, they happen anytime and anywhere.

Correct issues in post-production

Browsing through my phone, I discovered several photos that had slipped my memory. All of these photos were taken with an iPhone 5s and iPhone 6. While these phones were small, making it easier to handle, the specs of the camera obviously don’t compare to that of my DSLR camera. 

Morning on Haarlemmerstraat

If you come across a photo on your phone that doesn’t quite meet your expectations of what you consider to be a good photo, don’t fret just yet. Consider processing them to black and white in post-production. This can help correct issues of overexposure and blurriness while bringing more focus on the subject. Blurring the background, sharpening your subject, and playing around with contrasts can produce some pretty good results.

I don’t like to put too much emphasis on cameras being better than others.  Mobile photography is just another tool to capture a unique moment that only happens once. So consider taking pictures with your phone while riding a bike if you happen to notice a fleeting moment. You might be happy that you did.

The dog biker

Wide load on bike

Carrying bicycle with one hand

Hand powered bicycle

Double riding Brompton

Sunset on Sarphatistraat

Double riding in the rain

Double riding in the rain

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