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Looking for new bike? It can be a daunting task in a city where there are more bikes than people. No matter, I’m here to make the search easier in this list of the top ten bikes in Amsterdam.

Narrowing down a number to just ten in a city with over a million bikes is of course subjective. There are dozens of brands and just about every kind of style imaginable. Electric bikes continue to make their mark, easily outselling traditional bikes on the market.

Here is list of the top ten bicycles in Amsterdam in 2024.

1. Swapfiets Original

The most popular bike in Amsterdam is the Swapfiets. The single speed “Original” with their signature blue front tire is so common that they’re beginning to form clusters in the city. Based on the design of the Omafiets (a.k.a. granny or ladies bike.) It’s suited for cruising around town in an upright posture. They can take a beating and are easy to maintain.

However, you can’t buy a Swapfiets. They are leased on contract starting around € 20  per month for the single speed. The company offers top service as they will either repair your bike or “swap” it within 48 hours. Bonus marks for using magnetic induction lights, making them always visible while saving millions of batteries over time.

2. Swapfiets Deluxe 7

The second Swapfiets to make the list is the Deluxe 7. It’s a solid, low-entry and low maintenance bike equipped with a 7 speed rotary shifter. It also comes with LED lights powered by a dynamo.

But what sets it apart is the hand and coaster brake. This is the ideal setup for biking in Amsterdam since it allows you to cycle with one hand in all situations.

Swapfiets Deluxe 7

3. VanMoof

The Dutch company VanMoof has been popular in Amsterdam for years. They are known for their straight top tube, minimalist design and integrated lights.

But since going fully electric, the VanMoof has become the king of the road. Marquee companies have begun offering them as a fringe benefit for their employees. The new S5 and A5 are unrivalled technological marvels with superb performance and has become the measuring stick for all E-bikes.

UPDATE: In a shocking turn of events, VanMoof declared bankruptcy in July of 2023.

4. Cowboy

Cowboy is successful startup based out of Belgium. It’s made huge strides in refinement and advancements in technology with software updates like AdaptivePower.

The Cowboy has a clean design and is the main competitor against VanMoof. Popular across Europe, Amsterdam is the top city with over 600,000 trips taken on the Cowboy in 2022.

5. Super73

The Super73 is an American brand founded in California in 2016. Their aim is to be a true industry leader in the E-bike motorcycle heritage segment. A revamped lineup offers a wide choice while the Super73 remains arguably the sexiest looking retro styled E-bike on the streets. Among the accessories are a choice of tires, seat extender for more leg room and super cool decals on the S series. Note: American models differ from EU models.

6. Urban Arrow

The electric Urban Arrow has dethroned the traditional Bakfiets as the most desirable cargo bike in the Netherlands. They offer a range of models which include a 400Wh or 500Wh battery. Popular with both families and businesses, they have become a staple within Amsterdam and a leader in urban mobility.

7. Phatfour

The Phatfour is the most sought after fatbike in Amsterdam.  It’s a Dutch crafted E-bike based on the 1906 Simplex motorcycle.

The new FLX is has an updated streamlined look as a slick urban adventurer that offers plenty of power and comfort. The 750Wh battery will give you a whopping 184 km in eco mode. There are some nice options for accessories including an aluminum lock box, foot pegs, saddle upgrades and even a sidecar.

8. Veloretti

Veloretti are stylish bikes designed in Amsterdam and were an early favourite among hipsters. They trimmed their lineup to the popular men’s Caféchaser and women’s Robyn.

The focus has been on the electric Ace and Ivy.  Continued refinements and updates propel them in both urban design and performance. The mid-engine is powerful and silent and offers arguably the best, natural riding experience thanks to the smooth automatic shifting.

9. Doppio

The Doppio E-bike has the tagline of Double the Fun as they are geared for two people. There is one model offered (Classico Connected) but they are available in six colors including bare aluminum. There are also three options for the battery. The Doppio comes standard with a black seat but can be upgraded to either brown or black diamond leather which includes five different sizes.

10. Knaap Bike

The most popular fatbike in Amsterdam is the black edition Knaap bike. It’s sturdy, robust and fun to ride. While not without its issues as can be read in my review, it’s equipped with 80Nm of torque that can easily handle two people. There are several accessories available for their lineup, including front and rear racks, LCD display, seat booster and a comfort saddle.

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