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Two people can ride on one bike. Having your passenger ride on the top tube is among the least common ways, that is until this year.

The most popular way of double riding in Amsterdam is the side-saddle method. It makes up nearly 80% of all trips of two adults on one bike.

Double riding on the top tube?

The least popular style of hitching a ride on a bike is the Top Tube. This is where the passenger sits on top of the top tube, balancing in between the arms of the rider. Only 2.5% of all double riding in Amsterdam is done by the top tube method.
Bike Love while riding

Top Tube riding in Amsterdam

Couple double riding in Amsterdam

Weekends are popular for Double Riding

In order for someone to sit on the top tube, you would typically need a fat bar that is horizontal to the ground. Few bikes match this characteristic. The one exception is the popular Dutch bike Brand VanMoof.
Carrying a Passenger in Amsterdam | Top Tube method

Riding Top Tube on a VanMoof

Carrying a Passenger in Amsterdam | Top Tube method

VanMoofin’ in Vondelpark

VanMoof has gone electric

A few years ago, VanMoof put their eggs all in one basket and focused entirely on electric bikes. This paid huge dividends as VanMoof has become hands down the most popular e-bike in Amsterdam.
They kept their signature minimalist look along with the classic straight top tube. But now the bike is equipped with a battery and a power assist motor reaching 25 km/h.
Riding with a passenger sitting on the top tube of a VanMoof has now become totally effortless. While it’s not the most comfortable way to ride, the time it takes to get anywhere is significantly reduced.
Double riding on a VanMoof

Double riding on an electric VanMoof

Riding on the Top Tube of a VanMoof

Going electric makes it easy to double ride

The year of the Top Tube

2022 has skewed the numbers when it comes to double riding. The trend will certainly continue into 2023.
Sure it may be a little risky, and a tad uncomfortable, but it certainly won’t deter Amsterdammers. The Dutch will always find ways to work with what they’ve been given. Double riding on a top tube is a perfect example.

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