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Consider a Vanmoof fancy-pants

By April 18, 2017December 6th, 2018No Comments1 min read

Getting a ticket on your bike can mean incarceration is close at hand.

The city of Amsterdam will tag bicycles they consider necessary for removal. These are easily identifiable with the orange stickers. As I waltzed out the door this morning I noticed several bicycles were tagged but with yellow stickers.

Vanmoof outlet sale

Vanmoof outlet sale

A closer look revealed that this was not a warning by the city, rather an amusing promotion run by the popular Dutch bicycle company Vanmoof. It read “What’s a fancy-pants like you doing on wheels like these?” Below was a weblink to an outlet shop selling a range of discounted Vanmoof bikes where one can buy a bike listed as “almost perfect” to having obvious “obvious imperfections.”

This is certainly an intriguing promotion for anyone looking for a sexy Vanmoof to cruise around town. The spring-cleaning sale ends on April 23rd or when they sell out.

Vanmoof Bicycle in Amsterdam

Vanmoof Bicycle featuring the Sexy Waitress rack

Vanmoofed in Amsterdam

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