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A parade of flesh rolled through Toronto today. The World Naked Bike Ride is an annual event welcomed by cities across the globe.

Festivities began at Coronation Park where participants took part in body painting and sunscreen slathering before making their route.

Citizens of Toronto were given a shock as the slew of bicyclists cruised through the downtown core. Reactions were varied and abundant. Ranging anywhere from jubilant cheers, utter bewilderment to restrained hysteria.

World Naked Bike Day in Toronto

World Naked Bike Day in Toronto

The free-spirited ride oozed with cheerful slogans advocating bicycle awareness against the concerns of oil dependency. The friendly protest remained whimsical in nature and ultimately fun at heart.

Side note to Bixi users, the naked bikers were quite diligent in protecting seats from bodily juices. However, you may want to consider bringing sanitizer with you before your next ride.

Naked cycling in Toronto

Let’s get cheesy!

Naked big man on a bike

Naked Bear


Rainbows, skin, and streetcar

Riding naked in Toronto

Follow behind

Fit nude man on a bike

Naked Sunny Days

Naked people on bikes

Fit to Ride

World naked Bike ride through Toronto

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Taking pictures at WNBR

Turn the other cheek

Naked man alongside Toronto street car

Shiny Happy People

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